Sunday, 31 August 2014

Welcome to the new intake of students and welcome back Y11s and 13s!

This week sees the UTC operating with a "full house" for the first time and I thought I would take this opportunity to welcome you all to the Innovation Blog site, where the activities in the lab and in the wider world of Science are discussed to help you on your journey. My blog allows me to pass on news and thoughts, but it also contains a regular feature: "Molecule of the Month", in which I choose a mixture of topical and fundamental molecules that form an important part of understanding Molecular Biology. You can flick through earlier blogs on the right (RHS) to give you a taste of the kinds of topics discussed. Please pass on the link to friends and family so they too, can see what is going on. I will be posting on the theme for the first half term this week, which centres on the global threat posed by Malaria (the red colour on the globe, top left), and how Science, Medicine, Healthcare and Economics  are being mobilised to address this threat to mankind.

I look forward to your feedback!

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