Saturday, 14 June 2014

Synthetic Biology is back on Thursday for Y12s and time to think about next year's projects too

It seems a long time since we obtained out first successful PCR products from the Blue Green algae. This week we shall design primers and implement the appropriate designs for amplification of the Synechocystis cyanophicin synthetase gene as planned. Before you get back into the lab, you should reacquaint your self with primer design and make sure you can track your stored (-80) genomic DNA preps.

I will also be discussing Y13 projects, one of which will involve cloning and recombinant expression of cyanophycin synthetase in E. coli. Make sure you are on Edmodo, since this is where I shall post the details. Finally, before you leave for summer, we will work through some skills tests which will form part of the formal assessment of your experiences in the Innovation labs.

See you on Thursday!

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